The Times

“…virtuosic playing in Vivaldi’s atmospheric Cello Concerto in C minor, seeming to emerge straight out of the Venetian mists and played with rapid-fire brilliance by the Consort’s Jonathan Manson.”

5 August 2013 (Vivaldi C minor cello concerto with Dunedin Consort in Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh)

“…it would be hard to imagine a more beautiful or sensitive rendition than that given by Jonathan Manson, whose sound captivated, and whose honest intensity humbled.”

21 November 2011 (Queen Elizabeth Hall with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)

The Independent

“A really lovely aria by Abel, ‘Frena la belle lagrime’, brought soprano Rachel Nicholls to the stage briefly to surrender the limelight to Jonathan Manson’s exquisitely turned viola de gamba obbligato before entwining her vocal line with his in a timely reminder that there was life before Mozart dispensing this level of enchantment.”

21 November 2011 (Queen Elizabeth Hall with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)

“Manson was more than equal to its technical demands – agile in the rapid passagework and unfazed by Boccherini’s frequent use of the instrument’s upper register for heightened brilliance, a feat all the more impressive because Manson’s cello was not supported by a floor spike. He was especially poignant in the sparsely textured slow movement, scored solely for cello and violins – an absolutely entrancing performance.”

21 October 2011 (Boccherini G major concerto at the Queen Elizabeth Hall with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and Trevor Pinnock)

The Times

“Melodies jovial or tender slipped gracefully from his fingers. Agile elegance marked the virtuoso bursts of double stopping, the leaping pitches, the darting scales.”

6 January 2010 (Haydn C major cello concerto at the Wigmore Hall with Retrospect Ensemble)

Kölnische Rundschau

“Manson… let the melodies breathe and dance with pure intonation and ripe sound…”

2 February 2010 (Bach cello suite in Kölner Philharmonie, in concert with Trevor Pinnock and Emmanuel Pahud)

Wiener Zeitung

“Noble tone production, faultless security of technique and intonation made his playing pure pleasure.”

16 September 2009 (CPE Bach A major cello concerto with Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Haydn Festspiele Eisenstadt)

New York Times

“Manson offered a remarkable performance of the Suite No. 1 in G. He played with a pure, warm, vibratoless tone and lilting phrasing, imbuing the work with an elegant freshness and soulful introspection.”

May 1 2009 (Bach cello suite no. 1 in concert with Trevor Pinnock and Emmanuel Pahud, Carnegie Hall)


“wonderfully poetic… Jonathan Manson’s mesmerising viola da gamba in “Komm, süsses Kreuz”

March 2008 (recording of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with Dunedin Consort)

Early Music Review

“…beautifully lyrical and expressive interpretations… showed his expert sense of timing. His deftness of touch… was a delight.”

March 2004 (Bach cello suites at St. John’s Smith Square, London)